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Our Top 5 Favorite Restaurants!

Good Morning!

I figured we haven't had enough dining posts just yet! ;) So this week we are going to dive into our family's top 5 favorite restaurants in the Disneyland Resort! This list doesn't include snack carts or walk-up type restaurants (or else the Turkey Leg Stand would be included!!), and all restaurants have been judged based on both theming and food!

Let's start with number 5 on our list!

5. Alien Pizza Planet (Redd Rocket's Pizza Port)
I really like the food at this restaurant! This is a cafeteria-style dining experience that serves pizza, pasta, and salads! I know their food isn't the best quality that you can find at Disneyland, but I still really like their (large) pepperoni pizza slices, and Count Down Chicken Fusilli, which is Fusilli pasta, grilled chicken, Parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and a Parmesean-Pesto Cream Sauce to top it off! I haven't been able to go see the Pizza Planet overlay yet, but I do hold the unpopular opinion that &q…

Character Dining Recommendations!

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for all of the sporadic posts - one of these days I'll get my pictures ready over the weekend instead of gathering them throughout the week! 

This week is all about the Character Dining Experiences at Disneyland! Which experience is the best option for your family? Which will be most worth the price? See if our recommendations for Character Dining can help you with your choice!

We have tried 3 out of the 4 character dining experiences that are currently offered in the Disneyland Resort, including the breakfasts at the Plaza Inn and Storyteller's Cafe, and the dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. All Character Dining experiences in the parks are buffets, which really helps to know when deciding if it is worth the price! Our favorite? Minnie & Friend's Breakfast at the Plaza Inn! Here's why:

Out of all the dining experiences, we have loved the food here the most. It's good quality, and there are a LOT of options! I love that the majo…

A Disney WORLD Scavenger Hunt

Good Evening!

Since people seemed to like the last photo scavenger hunt we posted, I decided to make one for Disney WORLD! I plan to try this out as well during my trip in October, and I'll post some pictures when I get back! Have fun!

(For a printable version, email

⍟    ⍟    ⍟    ⍟    ⍟    ⍟    ⍟    ⍟

Get pictures of at least 3 kinds of Mickey shaped foods! - 5 pts eachSpot 3 Hidden Mickey's - 10 pts eachFind Madame Leota's gravestone - 5 ptsGet a picture of three different castles! - 15 ptsTake a picture of three rides outside of Magic Kingdom that you can also find in Disneyland! - 10 pts per photoTake a picture of CONSTRUCTION in the parks! - 5 ptsFind four different animals on the Tree of Life! - 5 pts eachFind three rides in Magic Kingdom that CAN'T be found in Disneyland - 5 pts per pictureTake a picture of a pirate chess game - 5 ptsTake a picture with at least 4 diffe…

Disney Hotels vs Good Neighbor Hotels

Good Morning! 

This week since I am so late in posting, I have added a bonus Disney Dining secret at the bottom of this post! 

Looking tips on the best places to stay around the Disneyland Resort? Look no further, we've got you covered!! 

First things first - is it better to stay on property or off property? 

Disneyland currently has three hotels on property (with a 4th one coming soon!): The Grand Californian, The Disneyland Hotel, and The Paradise Pier Hotel. The Grand Californian is built between California Adventure and Downtown Disney, providing quick access to shopping and a private entrance into the park! The Disneyland Hotel and The Paradise Pier Hotel both have Downtown Disney access, with the Disneyland Hotel being the closer of the two. 

As far as on-property hotels go, I have only ever stayed at the Grand Californian, and while it was DEFINITELY an amazing experience, it was probably one of those stays that won't happen very often. The reason? Price. Staying at Disneyla…