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Top 5 Favorite Disney Snacks

Good Monday Evening!

After two weeks of posting on Tuesdays, we are back on schedule!

Last week we talked about our favorite "Can't-Miss Shows" at the Disneyland Resort. This week - our favorite can't-miss snacks! As I mentioned several weeks back, I highly recommend stashing snacks from the store in a bag or backpack to save money throughout the day. However, there's nothing wrong with stopping for an in-park snack or two during your stay! Here are our favorites! (Also a big thanks to my parents and Jack who took a ton of time today to fill my many live-from-the-park photo requests for this post!)

1. Cream Cheese Filled Pretzels.
If you have been following our blog for a while, this one will come as no surprise. I LOVE Disney's Cream Cheese Filled Pretzels. You can score one of these at the Refreshment corner or at most pretzel carts around Disneyland and California Adventure!

2. Milk Chocolate Fudge from Pooh Corner
This little snack is a tradition for me. Chocol…

3 Shows You Can't Miss in Disneyland

Good Morning!

(In case you missed it: read last week's post about the Best Times to Ride the Busiest Rides here!!)

This week, we explore the entertainment the Disneyland Resort has to offer with our top 3 favorite shows to hit in Disneyland and California Adventure! (Bonus: All three of these shows work with "Glow-with-the-Show" products, which Disneyland sells in the form of Mickey Mouse Ear Hats, Wands, Paint Brushes, etc. These items are designed with Crowd-Sync Technology which makes the items change colors and flash along with the show itself!) 

1. Fantasmic!
Story Time: I remember when I was 5, I watched "Sing A-Long Songs: Disneyland" and at the end, Mickey Mouse shoots fireworks out of his hands and starts the Firework Show over the castle. I was completely convinced that Mickey Mouse could actually do that. My dad kept telling me that it was just a movie, and that Mickey wouldn't really shoot fireworks out of his hands when I saw him. (Trying to make s…

Best Times to Ride the Busy Rides

Good Evening (a day late)!

As summer gets into full swing at the Disneyland Resort and the crowds start to multiply, it might be good to have an idea of the best times to ride the busiest rides. Some lines you can't avoid, but here are some pointers for avoiding a few of the longer ones!

(In case you missed it: read last week's post about fun things to do in the Disneyland area here!!)

Time of Day
Something very important to remember is that the closer to the middle of the day it gets, the hotter it is. If you are going to ride a busy ride and the line is mostly outdoors (Fantasyland, Cars Land, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain etc.), consider riding earlier in the morning or towards the evening when it starts to cool off again. This may not mean a shorter wait, but it does mean you won't overheat!

Magic Morning Hours
Never underestimate the power of getting to parks as early as you can! If you have Magic Morning hours, USE THEM. This will be the…

Fun Things In The Disneyland Area

Good Morning!

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary, which means a year ago tomorrow we took off for our (you guessed it) DISNEYLAND Honeymoon! Which brings me to this post. While we spent a week in California, we only did three days in Disneyland (which is the perfect length if you are only traveling with two people). We spent the other two days doing fun things around SoCal! Growing up, we usually did 5 or 6 days since there were 5 of us, and you just can't get as much done in three days with a larger group, but we usually took an evening or an extra day to go do something fun around the SoCal area. If you are looking for something to do near Disneyland for a day or two outside the parks, here are some great recommendations! 

1 - Universal Studios
We did a day in Universal Studios two years ago. It was a ton of fun! I did think the food and merchandise was overpriced (even by Disney's standards), but the Harry Potter area was worth it! We also really li…