Good Evening!  First of all: a huge thank you to my many viewers around the world! I love sharing my love of Disney with everyone, so thanks...

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Disney Park Exhaustion

Good Evening! 

First of all: a huge thank you to my many viewers around the world! I love sharing my love of Disney with everyone, so thanks for reading! If you want to make sure you don't miss a post, go ahead and click on the subscribe button at the top of the page and either subscribe by email or click the blue "follow" button to receive notifications! I sure do appreciate you guys!

This week I want to share some pointers on making the most of your Disney vacation! It is super easy to burn yourself out after a couple of days of running around trying to get every ride in. So here are my quick tips on how to avoid that crazy Disney Park exhaustion!!
Jack was so tired at the end of the day, he fell asleep right on Scott's head!

1 - Don't Land Hop!!!
The easiest way to get exhausted in Disneyland (or Disney World) is to run back and forth across the park from ride to ride. Your prioritized list of things to ride may look something like: "it's a small world", Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Roger Rabbit's Toon Spin. However, if you do things exactly in that order, you will find that your list will include a LOT of walking! We didn't figure this one out until about three trips in. You will get a lot more done (and be a lot less tired) if you start in one land - lets say Fantasyland since Small World is at the top of the list. Ride everything you want to in that area before running over to Tomorrowland to do Space Mountain! Then, ride everything in Tomorrowland before heading to New Orleans Square to ride Pirates. Trust me, it saves a lot of time and energy doing it this way, and you will still get your priority rides taken care of!

Don't be afraid of sitting on a park bench, enjoying an ice cream and people watching for a while, or taking time to go see a show. Don't even be afraid to head back to the hotel for a nap if you are getting burnt out - especially on a hot day! The rides will still be there when you get back, I promise. It is a lot better to miss an hour and be rested so you can enjoy the rest of the day, than it is to miss a nap and be tuckered out the entire rest of the night. If you are extremely stubborn like me and you don't like heading back for naps, then there are a few ways to get a little rest in. Head over to the Tiki room and hang out in the little seating area for a while. It only gets busy in there when a show is about to start! (You'll also have a shorter line to the Dole Whip, which is a bonus.) When the show starts head inside! It is dark and cool during the show, perfect conditions for a 15 minute nap!!! I do love this show, but when I get tired I can sleep through just about anything! I have become a pro-Disney Napper, and I can sleep on any slow ride that lasts 10 minutes or more - Pirates, Small World, occasionally Haunted Mansion... you can definitely get creative ;) The moral of the story is: take a break every now and then!

Best Staged Splash Mountain Photo Ever - 2010

3 - Bring (or buy) a Personal Fan!
During a hot summer day in California, the sun can wear you out before lunch time. We found that bringing fans (or buying the misting fans in the parks) helps out SO MUCH! There are many different kinds out there, and all of them work great. I have a little hand fan that I use in the parks and keep in my purse, but I also love the battery powered necklace fans that constantly blow air up towards your face. This is definitely something to consider purchasing for a hot day!

How do you avoid getting exhausted at the parks? Leave us a comment below! 

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-Lindsay Prout

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