Good Evening and welcome to another Monday post!  No matter how many times I go, I still can't wait to go back!  (Photo taken 2 years ag...

How to Kick Those Disneyland Blues

Good Evening and welcome to another Monday post! 

No matter how many times I go, I still can't wait to go back! 
(Photo taken 2 years ago during the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland.)

This week, a new look and a fun post! Do you ever find yourself suffering from Disneyland withdrawals? Ever find yourself at work watching the live feed from the Howard Johnson Hotel's Mattercam or scrolling through Disneyland Photo Updates from MiceChat? (Just me?) Well look no further, here are some fun ways to cure your Disneyland withdrawals until your next trip!!*

*disclaimer: none of the sites/podcasts/etc. I am posting about have asked me to advertise for them. I mention them because they deserve it!

1. Window to the Magic

There are few "free" things (if any) I have ever come across that I have actually been willing to subscribe to a monthly supporting payment. Window to the Magic is one of those things. Window to the Magic is a wonderful (free!) podcast run by Paul Barrie, Jr., committed to helping you "use your ears to surround yourself with the magic". The shows are usually recorded while walking around the Disneyland Resort. Having Disney World withdrawals by chance? Don't worry, Paul currently has a monthly show that was recorded during his recent trip to Disney World! This podcast is my go-to when it comes to curing withdrawals. I first discovered it while searching iTunes for a new Disneyland podcast, and I stumbled upon one of Window to the Magic's "where in the park" shows. This is a game Paul does quite frequently where he walks silently throughout the parks and you have to figure out where he ends up and how he gets there just by listening. I was hooked, and I have now been listening for about the last 10 years or so. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed! There are also other great podcasts out there worth a listen, I quite enjoy Inside the Magic - which has a lot of Disney World stuff as well! 

Photo from the Window to the Magic Facebook page

2. Homemade Disneyland Treats!
I often find my Disney withdrawals connected with my cravings for Disney's baked goods! For example, I regularly crave those wonderful cream cheese filled pretzels from the Refreshment Corner on Main Street, U.S.A. Well one day my cravings reached a point that I decided to search around (someone HAD to have the recipe somewhere online). Low and behold, I found a recipe for Disney's Cream Cheese Pretzels. The Disney Diner actually has a lot of Disney recipes, so check them out when you desperately need some Disney food but can't get to the park! 

I do love my cream cheese pretzels!

3. Home Videos
As a teenager, I had one of those super cool Flip cameras and I went around Disneyland and recorded EVERYTHING. I came home and put the videos on a bunch of DVDs and I watch them all the time when I'm missing my happy place. Tip for taking great videos: take videos of your family members more than you take videos of anything else. Trust me! I took more videos of rides but I treasure the ones of my little brother when he was three walking around with a little balloon or showing off his little "LiQueen and Tow Mater" cars. If you don't have any home videos to watch at the moment - get on YouTube. You'll never run out of great Disney Parks content there! 

Jack showing off his toys in line for Little Mermaid, June 2012

4. Keeping Up to Date
This one is for those like me who always have to know whats going on in the parks! As an aspiring, someday-to-be travel agent, I have to keep up with the Disneyland news as I plan trips for my friends. I mostly use the sites and podcasts already mentioned such as Window to the Magic & MiceChat's Disney Photo Updates, but I also get a lot of information from various Disney Facebook pages such as, Disneyland, Disneyland Today, and both Inside the Magic & Window to the Magic's Facebook pages. I also read the Disney Parks Blog and keep an eye out for Disney Expo news for tons of Park updates! If you're like me and like to stay up to date, these are definitely some good resources to start off with!


My last "cure" is always having Disney Parks music with me on the go. I keep CD's in my car, and all the music on my phone while at work. I've always said that between my own CD collection of official Disney Parks soundtracks, and Window to the Magic podcasts at the ready, I pretty much have access to just about all the music in the parks. And the gaps in music that my CD's and podcasts can't fill? YouTube does the trick! I don't know how I would survive Disneyland withdrawals without the internet these days!

Some of my favorite Disneyland CD's!

What are your favorite cures for Disneyland withdrawals? Leave us a comment below! 

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-Lindsay Prout

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