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10 Hidden Easter Eggs at Disneyland

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Statues of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White's Grotto

This week an exciting announcement: I will be in Disney WORLD in October! I will post a trip review when I return, but in the mean time I'd love suggestions on cool things to do/see while I am there!! Also, we have a Facebook Page, so feel free to give us a follow over there for updates on blog posts and Disney Parks News! (

Two weeks ago I posted about the quiet and relaxing places of the Disneyland Resort. This week I decided to post about some of my favorite hidden "Easter Eggs" to look for while adventuring around the park!

1. Minnie's Grotto

A few weeks ago I posted about Snow White's Grotto and wishing well near the castle. Did you know Disneyland has a second, lesser-known wishing well in Toontown? You can find this behind Minnie's house near a little garden tea table. You may even see Minnie Mouse back there!

2. America Sings Takes Over Disneyland!

I never got to experience America Sings, but I have enjoyed several attractions that give tribute to the show! A good portion of the animatronics were reprogrammed and placed all over Splash Mountain! You can also find a couple of the geese plucked of all their feathers and re-purposed as droids in the Star Tours queue! One of them is scanning luggage down below the line. Can you spot the second one??

3. Snow White's Scary Adventures

While standing in line for Peter Pan's Flight, turn around and look up! If you watch the curtained window above Snow White's Scary Adventures, you may find the Evil Queen peering out at you! Then as you enter the line for Snow White's Scary Adventures you will pass a golden spell book with a large golden apple on a stand. Touch the apple and listen for the Queen's evil cackle! 

4. Hidden Mickeys of the Caribbean

It is no secret that there are Hidden Mickeys all over the Disneyland Resort! My favorite one to look for is on Pirates of the Caribbean. As you enter the final room after the jail scene, where two pirates are shooting at each other from across the room, turn around! You will see suits of armor hanging on the wall behind you to the left. In the center of one of the breast plates you will see the familiar shape of Mickey Mouse!! (For more Hidden Mickey fun, I highly recommend the book "Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Disneyland Resort's Best Kept Secrets" by Steven M. Barrett. You can buy it on Main Street and take it out for a huge scavenger hunt around the park!)

5. The Many Adventures of the Country Bear Jamboree

Before Winnie the Pooh graced our presence in Critter Country, we had the privilege of being serenaded by the Country Bears in the Country Bear Jamboree. This was replaced by the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but if you look carefully you will see that some of the Jamboree cast is still "hanging around"! Right as you exit the Heffalumps and Woozles room look directly above and behind you. Hanging up on the wall are the former singing trophy heads of Max, Buff, and Melvin, left as a surprise tribute to the Country Bear Jamboree!

6. Walt Disney's Family Crest

If you look up above the archway on the front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, you will see a beautiful gold coat of arms. This is actually the Disney Family Crest! This is such a fitting tribute to the man who created it all! You can also find a second tribute to Walt Disney on Main Street in the window of the fire station. That is the window of Walt's personal apartment, and he would leave the light on in the window to let everyone know he was in the park. After his death, cast members started leaving the lamp on permanently to remind the world that Walt is still watching over his park.  

7. Hidden Tomorrowland Water Show

I happened to stumble upon this little gem during a trip with my family. Right outside of Tomorrowland there is a little path that goes in front of the pond by Pixie Hollow. I noticed different music in the area and looked into the pond to see coordinated water fountains and lights going off to the music. Even cooler? I was the only one around to see it! It was like my own personal little light show. I asked on a Facebook group recently if this show was still going on, and someone said it was and referred to it as the "Pixie World of Color". How fitting!!

8. Main Street Windows

Did you know that the names on the windows of Main Street, U.S.A. are names of real people? It is actually considered one of the highest honors given to Disney employees to have your own window on Main Street. The names are names of various Disney Legends, Imagineers, etc. including Alice Davis who designed the costumes for "it's a small world", Elias Disney (Walt Disney's father), Roy O. Disney who was Walt's brother and Co-Founder of the Disney company, and Roy E. Disney, Walt's nephew, who took over the company after the passing of Walt and Roy O. Disney. You are truly surrounded by greatness on Main Street, U.S.A.! 

9. Market House 1910

Want to hear an old conversation from the past? Head into the Market House and you will find an old phone hanging up on the wall next to a big plaque. Pick up and listen in on a recorded party line conversation and be whisked back to 1910!

10. Statues in Snow White's Grotto

Snow White's Grotto is a lovely quiet area, and it also houses a neat Easter Egg! The statues in the grotto were ordered straight from Italy, and were scuplted by Leonida Parma. Disney Legend John Hench was asked to find a place for them, and as a result, Snow White's Grotto was created. However Hench had to overcome a challenge in how to present the statues due to the fact that the Seven Dwarfs were the exact same size as Snow White! So using the same forced-perspective technique used throughout much of the park to make buildings look larger than they really are, he put Snow White at the top of the waterfall and the Dwarfs below making Snow White appear taller. And it worked! 

Know of any other Hidden Easter Eggs? Leave us a comment below!

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-Lindsay Prout


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