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3 Shows You Can't Miss in Disneyland

Good Morning!

(In case you missed it: read last week's post about the Best Times to Ride the Busiest Rides here!!)

This week, we explore the entertainment the Disneyland Resort has to offer with our top 3 favorite shows to hit in Disneyland and California Adventure! (Bonus: All three of these shows work with "Glow-with-the-Show" products, which Disneyland sells in the form of Mickey Mouse Ear Hats, Wands, Paint Brushes, etc. These items are designed with Crowd-Sync Technology which makes the items change colors and flash along with the show itself!) 

1. Fantasmic!
Story Time: I remember when I was 5, I watched "Sing A-Long Songs: Disneyland" and at the end, Mickey Mouse shoots fireworks out of his hands and starts the Firework Show over the castle. I was completely convinced that Mickey Mouse could actually do that. My dad kept telling me that it was just a movie, and that Mickey wouldn't really shoot fireworks out of his hands when I saw him. (Trying to make s…
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Mobile Ordering at Disneyland

Good Morning!

Many of us are getting ready for the Holiday season around our homes, and many are heading to Disneyland to experience Christmas time at the resort! I have never been for Christmas, but it is on my bucket list! While there, you might be looking for ways to avoid the crowds, and one way is to take advantage of the mobile ordering service available at many restaurants around the resort! 

Disneyland implemented mobile ordering back in late 2018, so if you haven't been this year, this system may be new to you! We tried this out for the first time back in May, and it really made for a smooth dining experience. Last week we talked about how the Disneyland app turns your phone into your FASTPASS, PhotoPass, and park ticket. This week we will talk about how the app also turns your phone into your restaurant menu!

The Disneyland mobile ordering works like a good majority of other online/mobile ordering apps out there (Subway, McDonald's, etc.), and it all works through the D…

MaxPass at the Disneyland Resort

Good Morning!

This week our blog returns to the Happiest Place on Earth!

In May, we visited DISNEYLAND right before the opening of Galaxy's Edge! We were hoping to enjoy the last little bit of off-season crowd levels before the expected heavy crowds hit, but when we got there we found that everyone else was thinking the same thing! The parks were a bit more crowded than we had expected for late-April/early-May, and once Galaxy's Edge opened up, the crowds were reportedly non-existent! The crowd levels prior to Galaxy's Edge actually surprised me given the fact that the weather was quite chilly. This was also the first time we had been to the parks since MaxPass was released, so we took this opportunity to give it a try! Without further ado, here are our thoughts on using MaxPass at the Disneyland Resort, and hopefully this will help you determine if MaxPass is right for you!

When MaxPass was first rolled out, it cost $10 per person, per day. This year, they upped the price to…

Walt Disney World - Trip Review

Good Morning & Happy First Post of 2019! (Yikes, is it April?)

2018 brought a lot of wonderful experiences and also added a lot to my plate! Unfortunately that meant that my Etsy shop and this blog had to be sidelined for a bit. However, today I am back to bring you a huge post I have been working to get out, which will be the first of many posts I have lined up for you guys! Thank you for your patience & support! 

(Also just as a quick announcement: We will be making a trip to the one and only DISNEYLAND here in a few weeks!! I will be posting a trip review of that trip as well - and you won't have to wait as long as you did for this one! Also be sure to follow us over at Facebook, because we will be posting live periodically from the park!)

So just as a re-cap, we returned in October of 2018 from a wonderful 9-day vacation to the Disney World Resort in Florida! We spent two days each at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom and part of our last day…

Disney World Fastpass Scheduling Review - Disney World Planning

Good Morning!

Yes, I am still here! I have been so busy the last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to post, but I am back this week to bring you some planning tips I discovered through my experiences in planning our upcoming Disney World vacation using My Disney Experience! (ONLY 7 DAYS - not that I'm counting or anything...) This is the first time my family has been in about 10 years, so we're basically newbies at this point!

All righty, so the last few things we did for planning included picking out our Magic Band colors (which showed up at our house two weeks ago!!!), and scheduling all of our FastPasses! We were so excited to get our Magic Band box, which included our two personalized Magic Bands, cute luggage tags, and a Magical Extras card with a bunch of coupons to get some fun things like free mini golfing games, one-day entry to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, discounts at restaurants, etc. We had bought some Magic Band covers from a really good vendor, but u…

Top 5 Essentials We Pack for Disneyland!

Good Morning!

Packing for vacations can be hard. Especially if you are like me and you feel like you have to pack the kitchen sink *JUST IN CASE*! Trying to pin down some of those essential items for the parks before you over-do the weight limit on your bags? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here are 5 essential items that we always take with us to Disney! (Lots of links provided so you can see some of our favorite products!)

1. SMALL Backpack or Cross-Body Bag
The trick with finding the right bag is going as small as you can and still comfortably get what you need into the park! We pack pretty light when walking around Disneyland. My purse usually contains a wallet, my phone, snacks, a couple of park maps and times guides, my waterproof digital camera, and my phone charger. I carry around either a small cross-body bag that I don't mind getting a little beat up (especially when shoving it into and pulling it out of the little mesh bags on rides), or I take one of my Lounge…